007 Legends: Celebrating Everything James Bond

‘007 Legends is the celebration of 50 years of bond on film,’ said 007 Legends writer Rob Matthews. He’s not kidding. The game features five old bond movies plus the new film Skyfall.
According to interviews, the game is fully focussed on the infiltration side of Bond’s now legendary career, which is surely a good thing (after all, who needs yet more straight-up blasting?). The game features a lot of gadgets used for intelligence gaining.
In celebrating everything 007, Legends contains a great many of your favourite James Bond characters, both goodies and baddies.

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The Bond Films 007 Legends Covers

Here’s the list of movies 007 Legends covers:

Moonraker, Die Another Day, License to Kill, On Her Majestry’s Secret Service, Skyfall and there’s two more left to reveal (Goldeneye and. . .something else).

Naturally, being the Brit gamer that I am, I cannot wait to get my hands on this celebration of the best Brit character (and surely one of the best characters, period) of all time.


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