2013 BAFTA Video Game Awards Winners Reactions

Last night, Tuesday 6th March 2013, the UK saw its annual BAFTA video game awards. 19  different awards were up for grabs, ranging from Fellowship to Audio to Graphics and, of course, the Best Game of the Year award.

The awards are likely to spark some heated debate around the gaming world, with many claiming that some games didn’t derserve their awards.

So, did BAFTA choose correctly, or did they rob would-be winners of awards?

Let’s start off with possibly the most important award of the night, the Fellowship award, which was given to the very worthy Gabe Newell.

Why Gabe Newell Deserved the BAFTA Fellowship Award

Co founder and managing director of Valve, it’s fair to say Gabe Newell has more than done enough for the video game industry to deserve this award.

Becoming a multi millionaire with the Microsoft corporation fairly early on in life, Gabe Newell left to found Valve in 1996, with the development of Half Life.

Influenced by his favourite games, Mario 64 and Half Life 2, Gabe Newell went on to create some of the world’s finest games, including Portal. His successes have made him a net worth of over $1.5 billion.

A visionary in the gaming world, it’s clear to see why Gabe Newell was awarded the Fellowship award at this year’s BAFTAs.

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