25 Games Like Just Cause 2

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About Just Cause 2 

Just Cause 2 is a game from video game developer Avalanche Studio ant fall into the action-adventure genre. Just Cause 2 runs on the Avalance 2.0 video game engine. The game is set on the opposite side of the world to its predecessor, locating players in Panau, an island in Southeast Asia. You play Rico Rodriguez as he tries to overthrow Pandak Baby Panay, an evil dictator.

Just Cause 2 received highly positive reviews for its open-ended nature and its world design. It also has excellent gameplay mechanics. This led it to sell over 6 million copies.

In Just Cause 2 you explore an open world and must earn Chaos, which is given to you by completing missions and destroying government property. You can also collect different items and aim to get 100% completion. As you collect Chaos you will unlock new missions.

The AI uses a planning system to create realistic combat, with enemies using the environment to their advantage. There is also the excellent addition of the grappling hook which allows for vertical gameplay. Real time deformation provides realistic destruction with individual elements of buildings and vehicles breaking off.

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Games like Just Cause 2

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