5 Reasons Why Alien Isolation Could be the Best Alien Game Ever

With sophisticated AI, a strong central character and a unique game design perspective, Alien Isolation could become one of the best Alien games ever. 

Alien games have had a turmoil history, with just as many games being great (Alien VS Predator) as those which are downright shoddy (Alien 3).  Which side of the fence will Alien Isolation fall?

We here at Gameplayersreview are quietly confident that Alien Isolation is going to be one of, if not the absolute best Alien game of all time. Here’s why.

Creative Assembly’s Inventive Direction with Alien Isolation

Creative Assembly aren’t content with going the traditional route. All Alien games up to now have relied on guns—even Alien 3, in which half the point of the movie was to fight the Alien without weapons.

Creative Assembly, however, aren’t content to take the easy route. Alien Isolation isn’t going to be your typical shooting style horror game. Instead, they’re doing away with the weapons and making you use your stealth and intelligence to overcome the Xenomorph instead.

They’re aiming at the purest form of survival horror. You’re trapped in a trading station with next to nothing to defend yourself with. Either you find a safe path around the alien, or you die.

The focus on decision making promises to deliver a new gaming experience. Whether Alien Isolation eventually works or not, Creative Assembly deserve to be applauded for their effort in creating something new.

Paul Harrison

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