5 Reasons Why Alien Isolation Could be the Best Alien Game Ever

With sophisticated AI, a strong central character and a unique game design perspective, Alien Isolation could become one of the best Alien games ever. 

Alien games have had a turmoil history, with just as many games being great (Alien VS Predator) as those which are downright shoddy (Alien 3).  Which side of the fence will Alien Isolation fall?

We here at Gameplayersreview are quietly confident that Alien Isolation is going to be one of, if not the absolute best Alien game of all time. Here’s why.

Creative Assembly’s Inventive Direction with Alien Isolation

Creative Assembly aren’t content with going the traditional route. All Alien games up to now have relied on guns—even Alien 3, in which half the point of the movie was to fight the Alien without weapons.

Creative Assembly, however, aren’t content to take the easy route. Alien Isolation isn’t going to be your typical shooting style horror game. Instead, they’re doing away with the weapons and making you use your stealth and intelligence to overcome the Xenomorph instead.

They’re aiming at the purest form of survival horror. You’re trapped in a trading station with next to nothing to defend yourself with. Either you find a safe path around the alien, or you die.

The focus on decision making promises to deliver a new gaming experience. Whether Alien Isolation eventually works or not, Creative Assembly deserve to be applauded for their effort in creating something new.

The AI

Creative Assembly have previously stated that AI in games is far from advanced, stating that, “In most games, the enemy is on screen for just a few seconds, but in Alien Isolation the alien is with you for up to half an hour at a time.”

From what we’ve heard, the alien will actually learn from your decisions. If you play in a certain way, the alien will learn from that and adapt, meaning you too have to adapt your playstyle if you are to succeed.

This promises two things. Firstly, it promises an individual experience as the alien reacts to your individual playstyle. It also promises that the game will remain fresh even after you’ve played it for hours. The more you play the more the alien learns about you, the more you need to adapt your playstyle, keeping things fresh and adding longevity.

Alien Isolation’s Genuine Sense of Isolation

Isolation really is the name of the game. It was isolation that made the original Alien movie so damn good. The idea of being stuck in space with an alien that is clearly thousands of times stronger than you are, was pretty pant wetting back at the time of the first movie.

Alien Isolation promises to match that dreadfully atmosphere as you find yourself locked alone in a trading station, watching every shadow, never quite certain where the alien is going to come from.

If Creative Assembly successfully create the sense of isolation seen in the first movie, then we’re going to need some fresh pants.

Alien Isolation’s Ripley

Creative Assembly have made certain to avoid the sexist stereotyping so commonly seen in video games. With Ripley, we’re shown a strong and intelligent protagonist who seems to match the Ripley of the movies—she’s smart, strong, determined, a great example of female representation in games.

It would have been all too easy for Creative Assembly to go the route of so many developers and highly sexualise their lead character, with big boobs and blonde hair. But instead they’ve stayed true to their creative vision and created a realistic character that fans can sympathise with (and sympathy, as any writer will tell you, is the most important part of all storytelling, in games or elsewhere).

Alien Isolation’s Story

Through it’s story, Alien Isolation becomes more than a simple survival horror. You play as Amanda Ripley, daughter of the famed Ellen Ripley. Ripley, as we stated on the previous page, is a strong will and determined woman, a great female games character.

In Alien Isolation, Ripley’s story begins when  she hears that the flight recorder from Ellen Ripley’s ship has been found. Her curiosity leads her to the isolated trading station known as Sevastopol.  It’s bleak, with no power, and it holds a mystery: it was abandoned in a hurry.

We don’t know too many more details of Alien Isolation’s story, but even from this one thing is clear: there’s true drama to the narrative, as well as mystery that will help get gamers teeth stuck into the story.

Creative Assembly’s Mature Vision

From what we’ve seen so far, one thing is for absolute certain with Alien Isolation: it’s mature. We don’t mean mature in a ooooh, naked boobs and blood way but instead in the actual mature sense of having a story worth telling, having sophisticated AI and a well crafted central character.

Could this be the best Alien game ever? We’ll have to wait to find out for certain, but Alien Isolation definitely has the makings of a great game.


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