99 Levels To Hell Review

How nice it is to be invited by Zaxis games to take a trip through 99 levels of hell. I would have satisfied for tea and scones, being British, but heck, hell it is.

99 Levels To Hell by Zaxis Game — Review

99 Levels To Hell is a 2-D roguelike sidescrolling dungeon crawler (long ass description ay?)  that involves you shooting the unholy heck out of. . . well. . .unholy heck.

Yup, this is a trigger happy game packed full of modern weapons. You’ll traipse through randomly generated dungeons that always feel fresh and new. In case you’re confused about the number of levels, there are 99, making for plenty of action, along with tons of weapons like shotguns and upgrades. There are even unlockable characters.

So far 99 Levels of Hell is ticking all the right boxes. And to be honest, it carries on that way.  The game is divided into ten level sections, each of which concludes with an awesome boss fight. When you die you’ll go back to the beginning of the section you’re on, which is a darned sight less annoying than starting from the beginning. The only slight annoyance is that you lose stats and upgrades when you die.

Along with the regular beasties you’d expect from hell, there are traps and timer-released ghosts that urged you to hurry-up.

Perhaps the best part of 99 Levels To Hell is its combination of puzzles and action. You have to work your brain on the fly to workout the way through the maze-like levels. You’ll want to explore to find hidden rooms too, which may contain shops and other goodies.

While 99 Levels To Hell doesn’t feature a story, there are at least little narratives littered about the place. You’ll find puzzles that become stories that turn into a dark and sinister story.

Stylistically speaking, Zaxis have injected a ton of personality into the game by matching the darker side of hell with a cartoon style aesthetic. This makes that game extremely fun and will have you grinning from ear to ear with its charm.

Having journeyed through hell several times in my life (once when working for a factory, another time visiting relatives and finally with the ex) this journey through hell turned out to be the most fun by far.

OVERALL: 4 out of 5

Satan owes Zaxis a pint for making hell such a fun place to visit.

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