A Valley Without Wind 2 Indie Game Review

A Valley Without Wind 2 carries the trait of all the best games: taking the best of various genres and blending them together seamlessly to create a new gaming experience.

A Valley Without Wind 2 combines the best of old-school platform-shooter games with TBS games. You can choose where and how to explore the game world, how you want to upgrade your characters, their classes, the abilities you want to unlock and how you want to fight the enemies in your path.

In A Valley Without Wind 2 you play as a mage whose aim is to share to power of immortality—which the evil Demonica has been using to spread tyranny through the land—and in doing so see an end to the evil.

Though the idea of having immortality, which the game grants, might seem to kill any challenge, there’s actually a good deal of difficulty in A Valley Without Wind 2. You must lead your band of resistance to take back the land the overlord now resides over. To do so, you’ll have to recruit allies, build structures and unlock all manner of secrets.

You’ll also be engaging in side-scrolling mission in order to reach the wind generators and destroy them. This opens a further segment of the map.

Key to your success will be the perks that you have chosen for your character to have, as these change your stats. Should you die, you’ll be whisked back to Drmonaica’s lair, the resistance’s morale being shattered.

Initially, the learning curve of A Valley Without Wind 2 seems high and can easily put off new players. Thanks to an abundance of hints, however, you never feel like you’ve been thrown in the deep end without a paddle.

The graphics are significantly better this time around than in the games predecessor. Some wooden animations here and there don’t help, but there are tons of sprites and spells and the overall quality is fairly high. Better than the graphics is the soundtrack. It’s atmospheric and deep, with quite a range of variety to it too.

Overall, the artistry with which the developer has brought together such an eclectic mix of genres in A Valley Without Wind 2 serves to create a unique and memorable experience that is highly recommended .

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