App Review: Vanished: The Island by Skyhorse Interactive

Skyhorse Interactive’s new game Vanished: The Island is an adventure game of the classic style in which you’ll need to find clues to solve the mysterious of your aunt Emma’s whereabouts.

Set on a Mayan Island, the scenery in Vanished: The Island is beautiful, providing a charming background for the game. You’ll move around this island by tapping where you want to go. Navigation isn’t easy, however, as can’t zoom or look around. You just keep tapping until you find a clue.

The further into the game you get the more of the island you are able to explore. You’ll find numerous Mayan artefacts and clues that will point you in the direction of your missing aunt.  You’ll also learn more and more about the game’s interesting story.

 Vanished: The Island is a lot like the classic adventure game Myst and is certain to please fans of that title. It isn’t perfect, however. Hunting for clues isn’t particularly fun and is even a little annoying at times. The graphics are a little pixelated (though to be fair they are of a high overall quality), it does, however, have an interesting story and I personally loved the game’s setting.

Overall: 3.5 out of 5

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Paul Harrison

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