Art Game: The Game About Art

 Art Game, a game about art, is the next title in our series of the worlds most interesting games. Read about Art Game below, or hit next for the next most interesting game.

Art Game: The Game About Art

The debate about whether games can constitute art has been long and ultimately stupid (because of course games can be art, but heck, that’s a different article. . .). One game that adds fuel to the fire is Pippin Bar’s Art Game.

Rather than tackling the “Can games be art?” question head on, Art Game offers something new, promoting appreciation of the creativity of games while commenting on the subjective ways in which we view both art and games.

Being a game about art, in Art Game you play as an artist and a highly regarded one at that. Your mission is to create a new work for an art show. To do that, you have to play Asteroids, Tetris or Snake. Losing in the game results in a critic coming to inform you that your art work is unworthy of a place in the show, though, importantly, you are never told why.

The fact that you’re never told why your art isn’t good enough for the show is the entire point of the game. It portrays the arbitrariness of the way we evaluate works of art. Eventually you’ll give up on trying to get a spot in the show, which leads you to enjoy creativity for its own sake.

A most interesting game, Art Game can be found at the game developers website. 



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