Bartkira-The Simpsons Do Akira And It's Amazing

Unbelievable news. They’re taking The Simpsons, which is awesome. And they’re taking Akira, which is, just, bloody amazing. And they’re putting them together to form the greatest crossover of all time.

Bartkira is a crowd-sourced project s inspired by artist Ryan Humphrey’s art (see below) and lead by  cartoonist James Harvey.  Together with a total of more than 500 artists from around the world, the team is putting together a complete reanimation of Akira using The Simpsons.

Akira. Using The Simpsons. I mean.. could it possibly be any better?!

Check out the official site HERE. And you might as well start worshipping the art now. We’ve put some of the best bits below.

Paul Harrison

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