Battlefield 3 Armoured Kill Gameplay Screenshots

Battlefield 3 has had some of the best DLC ever, being significantly better than the vast majority of DLC packs. But none of the Battlefield 3 packs have been more hotly anticipated than Armoured Kill. 

Battlefield 3 Armoured Kill will be a staggered release and will begin in a little over one week. PS3 fans will be happy to hear that it will be released on the PS3 one week before Microsoft’s XBOX 30 and PC. Battlefield 3 Armoured Kill’s release date is September 4 for PS3 and September 11th for 360 and PC.

Battlefield 3 Armoured Kill will focus on the strongest point of Battlefield: vehicular combat. the trailer for the game looks simply stunning, so we cannot wait to get our hands on it.




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