Beautiful Bows: Lara Croft & Tomb Raider

The beauty of the bow and arrow is firing its way to the forefront of the gaming shelve this year. Let’s treat ourselves to some stunning graphics of the artistry of archery, starting with Lara croft and Tomb Raider.

I love this graphic of Lara Croft with the bow. It truly capitalises on Lara’s visual appeal. The string wrapping around Lara’s chest conveniently highlights her breasts which it perfectly finds the middle of, and the manner in which the bow frames her body is suggestive of a hug. That’s largely why she looks even cuter in this image than normal.

The angle of the string and the limbs of the bow also form an arrow pointing the same direction as her eyes, which helps create a sense of direction.
This picture is far simpler than the previous, even though there is more happening in it. It’s a simple but evocative capturing of both feminine innocence and feminine strength. What’s weird is that I’m fairly certain that arrow is actually pointing at the girl, not the assailant. .  .maybe Lara just doesn’t like the competition.


Once again, in this image the string of the bow accentuates Lara’s breasts. She also standing in a pose which, in terms of body language, could be interpreted either as a display of strength or as a sign that she’s interested in whoever she’s looking at. In case you’re wondering what gives this impression: she’s clearly revealing her chest, her arms are held relaxed at her side and her pupils are dilated. That’s all a good sign if you’re the guy she’s looking at.




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