Best Browser Games: Lava Bird

The Flappy Jam is on fire, literally, in Unept’s new title, Lava Bird, which takes a new approach to the Flappy style by allowing players to use make the most of their own obstacles.

In Lava Bird, every time the bird flaps its wings it spits a ball of fire which must then be dodged. As you might have guessed, lava bird’s main enemies are ice birds; hitting one of them causes the lava bird to die. In order to pass a level you’ll need to kill ice birds by spitting enough fire at them, while dodging missiles that will save them.

My personal favourite elements of Lava Birds is its complexity. It’s very difficulty to tally up a high score. The creator’s own high score is 78; mine is a measly 40, and to be honest, I think that score was a bit of a fluke.

Lava Birds is one of the best games of the Flappy craze, and is highly recommended. Play it now.


Paul Harrison

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