Best Final Fantasy Music, with Final Fantasy XIII, I and 2


7: Final Fantasy 1 Opening

The fact that the music in the original Final Fantasy, which was made decades ago, is still good enough to be in this top ten list today, says a great deal. The first piece of music we heard from Final Fantasy evokes a sense of a journey. It begins as a march that is certain to evoke nostalgia, then moves into a timeless, parade-style piece. Throughout, however, is the sense of a journey, which is most fitting given that Final Fantasy games are all about journeying through expansive fantasy lands.

6: Final Fantasy 2 Rebel Army  

The Rebel Army theme from Final Fantasy 2 is all about pride. The piece is a march that evokes a sense of perseverance, as though the warriors will never stop fighting for what is right. Violins come in, playing slowly, introducing an air of honour. This is followed by brass which symbolises resolution. Then comes the harmony of the chorus. The softness of the voices in the piece, combined with the march style, gives the sense that though the army may not be mighty, it has a strength of bravery, pride and persistence.  The theme is found again in Distant Worlds 2002 medly.

5: Final Fantasy XIII Ending Credits

The ending piece of music in Final Fantasy 13 is calming and holds a sense of fulfilment as the journey comes to an end. The woodwinds and percussions evoke a sense of reflection, looking back on the journey. Then we enter a melancholy passage, followed by the main theme playing out with pride and triumph. The recapitulation of the main theme serves to give a sense of destiny, that all has happened has led us to now. In many ways, the ending credits theme is one of the best parts of Final Fantasy XIII.



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