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About Ingress

Ingress is a real time augmented reality MMO created by a startup company within Google.

In Ingress, the Resistance and the Enlightened are in competition to control the portals through which exotics matter can be obtained. The portals are located at real world locations around the globe.

In Ingress you choose one of these two factions and must gather Exotic Matter by moving within range with an Android. You can use the XM to perform different actions in Ingress. Performing these actions earns you Action Points which enable you to level up. Some of the actions that you can perform in the game include: recharging, modifying or upgrading portals. You can also create links between different portals.

Ingress is highly focussed on cooperative gameplay. You’ll need to coordinate attacks and place resisters on portals to upgrade the portals. By upgrading the portals you can link between greater distances.

The portals are located at murals, stores, statues and other landmarks and you have a very helpful map that you can use to locate more portals.

Ingress is a bizarre and very unique game which is difficult to explain. So, because I’m lazy and can’t do this game justice; here’s a video. And you can find more games like Ingress below.


Games like Ingress

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