Best Games Like Spore

Want some great games  like Spore? These are the absolute best games like spore to play today. 

Games Like Spore 1: Darkspore

Darkspore is an EA game that uses the same creature editing kit as Sport. Darkspore is a sci-fi RPG in which you fight Darkspore across intergalactic worlds.

 Games Like Spore 2: Species: Articial Life, Real Evolution

This is a free online indie game that has the best bits of spore plus a lot more too.  Species accurately recreates the science of evolution, meaning it’s educational. The game revolves around the principles of variation, mutation and survival to accurately recreate evolution.

 Games Like Spore 3: Flow

Flow is one of the most relaxing games of all time and shows the cell stage of evolution. You play as a little creature who must work his way through a light blue stage, consuming tiny creatures in order to grow. It’s a very simple game but immensely relaxing and very unique.

Games like Spore 4:    Planetoid

Planetoid is a 3D game that will remind you of the space stage of Spore. It noly costs $5 and there’s a free demo available too.  In the game, you select a civilization or choose to create your own custom race. You then travel between planets buying technology and colonising the universe.

 Games Like Sport 5: Civilization

Civilization is the best turn based strategy game ever made. It’s similar to the civilization stage of spore, though a lot deeper. You must gather and use resources to build your city and people. You can then battle opposing armies. Civilization is one of the most important and highly regarded games of all time.

  Games Like Spore 6: Eufloria

Eufloria is about space exploration and intergalactic conquest and again will remind players of the space level of Spore. The game is a real time strategy game that centres around plants. As you play the game you colonise space, building your resources and defending yourself from enemies. It’s a simple game but a good game.



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