25 Games Like Wolfenstein The New Order

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About Wolfenstein The New Order 

Wolfenstein: The New Order  is a FPS game and successor to the retro (and recent flop) Wolfenstein games. Made by video games developer MachineGames and published by Bethesda, Wolfenstein The New Order is a first person shooter for XBox 360, XBox One, PS3 and PS4.

The game is set in a fictional 1960s in which the Nazi won the Second World War. William B J Blazowicz is charged with launching a counter attack against the Nazis to reclaim the world.

Unlike most other first person shooters, Wolfenstein is a single player only game. This might sound like a downfall, but the truth is that,  by focusing exclusive on the single player and not worrying about the multiplayer, MachineGames have created an absolutely stellar campaign that some say is the best first person shooter of the year. It is traditional to FPS formula with you shooting down hordes of enemies, but with tons of awesome guns and with gameplay that rewards stealth.

Wolfenstein The New Order takes everything that is great about single player first person shooter campaigns and amplifies it, creating an intense experience that shooter fans will love. For more games like Wolfenstein The New Order see out list below.

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