Resident Evil 6 Characters and Naked Woman with Tentacles

Yet more Resident Evil 6 character images in today, but let me start with with a good piece of news: Resident Evil 6 is going all-out with over the top, camp horror. There was already a zombie president, and with new naked zombie women and a story that promises to be as over the top as Lady Gaga’s wardrobe, you can rest assured that Resident Evil 6 will be the kind of exaggerated horror that would make Hammer Horror proud.  Here are some of the best Resident Evil 6 images of the past week. I hope you guys have your funds ready for this game (on your Capcom credit card, naturally).

Here’s what you’re looking for: the Resident Evil 6 naked woman fight

 Resident Evil 6 images

Resident Evil 6 Naked Women with tentancles n stuff. .  . A.K.A Leon’s Friday night frivolities go awry. 

You know you’re in for trash-horror at its finest when a plot involves a zombie president. 

All your fave Resident Evil 6 characters, with Leon, Ada Wong, Chris Redfield and gang


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