Best Strawberry Shortcake Games for Girls

Looking for some great Strawberry Shortcake games for girls for a party? Or perhaps you’re looking for some great free strawberry shortcake games online to play on your PC. Either way, we’ve got you covered.


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 Strawberry Shortcake Game for Girls 1: Stomp

The idea of this game is to keep all the strawberries (which are red balloons) in the air while the music is on. When the music comes to an end the kids aim to grab one of the strawberries. You then pull a name from a hat and get the chosen kid to pop their balloon. There’s a challenge inside that they must complete, e.g do five fast twirls and other silly challenges.

When the child complete the challenge they continue to play (but their name wont be called again).

Strawberry Shortcake Games 2: Race to Make a Pie

In this game you need to divide the kids into a few groups and give them spoon. They will then use the spoons to collect berries which they need to race / rim over to their pie tin. Each team makes a different pie (with different colours) –they collect their chosen colour.

To do this game you should put coloured balls (representing the ingredient for the pie) in a garden and make sure each team has their own table. Each kid can only carry one berry (one of the coloured balls) at a time.

Strawberry Shortcake Games for Girls #3: Flower Seeds

Each kid has 10 flower seeds that they must toss into a flower pot. Simple.

Strawberry Shortcake Games for Girls #4:  Garden Decoration

Get a straw hat for each of the guests and have them design it when they get to the party. Again, simple but fun. You then use the hat for the next game. . .

Strawberry Shortcake Games for Girls #5: Musical Hats

Lay out all the decorated hats in a big circle and put a candy under one that the kids dont know about. Play music and have them move around the circle. When the music stops the kids lift the hat they are  next to. The person with the candy-hat gets to eat it. Then, remove that hat and repeat.

Strawberry Shortcake Games for Girls #6: Eat the Jewelry

Have an assortment of ingredients that can be used for making jewelry but are also edible (for instance, you may use fruit loops and licorice sticks). Then have each kid create their own edible necklace.

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