Games Like Master of Orion

Looking for the best turn based strategy games like Master of Orion? Our list begins HERE. 

Master of Orion is one of the best Turn Based Strategy games set in space. In the game, you take turns against an AI opponent using point and click + keys controls to manage your technology, ship, constructions and battles.

The idea of Master of Orion is simple: take out all your opponents or win a vote on peaceful unification.

As with most TBSs and other games like Master of Orion, resource gathering is the name of the game. Your aim is to claim the planet Orion, which is the most resource rich planet in the universe. Obviously, your enemies don’t want to happen so you’ll have a lot of fighting to do if you’re to succeed. And ¬†even when you do take your opponents down, there’s the small case of the massive warship called the Guardian, which you must destroy before taking the planet.

Master of Orion met huge critical acclaim when it was released. Way back in 1996, Computer Gaming World rated it as the 33rd best game ever. Obviously, there’s been a ton of new games since then, but nevertheless, such a review speaks volume of the quality of this game.

Games Like Masters of Orion

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