Bin Weevils: Games Like Poptropica and other Good Games for Kids

The next game like Poptropica is Bin Weezils. Read about Bin Weevils below, or hit next at the bottom for the next game like Poptropica.

Bin Weezils is one of the best 3D virtual worlds for kids

Bin Weevils is another extremely popular games for younger players, with more than 2 million users regularly playing the game.

In Bin Weevils (as with most games of this type) you get to create your own avatar, play games, create a virtual home and more. You also get to meet new friends, watch TV, look at books in the library and enter competitions.

IN Bin Weevils you must complete assigned missions, find your own virtual job and earn money to spend in the shopping mall.

Bin Weevils also has a live chat (which admin moderates properly to ensure only suitable content is allowed).

Perhaps the best thing about Bin Weevils is that is educates children about living healthily, eating the right food, doing jobs and brain training and more.

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