Bioshock Infinite Handyman Character Design

This is a really cool look at the design process for the Handyman character in Bioshock Infinite.

“The Handyman is a tragic figure” says Ken Levigne. . . but I’d rather the gamer find that out in the course of the game.” In the video, Shawn Robertson (Lead Artist) reveals that the design for the Handyman came from old porcelain dolls.

Images of the Handymen

Porcelain dolls have long been a favourite inspiration for characters as they just look so creepy. Coming from an author who actually gets freaked out by porcelain dolls (true story) let me just say that those eerie vacant eyes, that look like they’re frozen in time, and the not-quite life-like expressions on their faces make porcelain dolls look eerily, like some twisted undead baby toy… disturbing. If the Handyman manages to capture the essence of  porcelain dolls then there’s at least one author here that’s about to be terrified. One slight problem with the design of these characters in the eyes of this author is that they’re too strong. One of the things that makes porcelain dolls seem so freaky is that they look near perfectly innocent, but with a very subtly evil twist. Can the same effect really be created through a character that seems to have no innocence whatsoever and is rather a humongous war machine? Only time will tell.

In terms of weapons and abilities, Handymen can jump great distances, are agile and have the ability to pick up and throw other characters.


Bioshock Infinite Handyman Character Design

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