BioWare's Atonement will Be Grand–Dragon Age Inquisition for PC, XBOX ONE, PS4

Dragon Age Inquisition for PC, XBOX One and PS4 looks to right the wrongs of Dragon Age II. We take a look at BioWare’s hugely ambitious project and the latest news from the developer. 

Dragon Age Inquisition will right the wrongs of Dragon Age II

Is it me or should Dragon Age Inquisition have really been titled, Dragon Age Atonement? After all, given the utter disappointment of Dragon Age II, the third in the series really is all about making up with the fans and righting the wrong.

Dragon Age II’s hands off approach to party members and limited scope was a real let down to fand of the series. With Dragon Age Inquisition, BioWare wants to truly create a vast open world experience.  Mark Darrah, Executive Producer, states, “Inquisition is absolutely an openworld game. Its based on narrative but with a huge world to explore. We’re focussing on the vastness of the areas, letting reality and magic collide. . . You’re tasked with strengthening the Inquisition by capturing outposts from rivals.” Players will once again be given a hands-on approach to team members and can customise fortresses while exploring the open world. As you explore you “recruit more soldiers and agents, which let’s you decide how to change the area around that keep.”

Dragon Age Inquisition will be a more complex experience than other entries in the series and will also incorporate gameplay mechanics from genres other than RPGs, such as sandbox action games.

Open world areas will be provided not only for the Reelden from Origins but for Nervarra, Orlais and the Free Marches. These areas are divided into different environments above and below ground and even incorporate dimension crossing.  Fortresses at the heart of each of Inquisition’s zones  offer sidequests too, making Dragon Age Inquisitions a very long experience.

Fully inventory management in Dragon Age Inquisition replaces the simplified inventory system from Dragon Age II, allowing you full management of both armour and weapons. The crafting system has also been stepped up too, the position and runes having been expanded to full amour and weapon making. We’re promised thousands of different pieces of armour and weapons. Armour also changes appearance depending on whose wearing it, providing a sense of identity similar to Dragon Age II.

Dragon Age Inquisition is a hugely ambitious game that looks to seriously vamp up the series. It’s being developed on the Frostbite game engine (the same engine used for Battlefield 4), which accommodated for the massive scale of the game.

If the final product of Dragon Age Inquisition does the team’s ambition justice, we’ll be looking at one hell of a game.


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