Borderlands 2 Characters, Weapons, Special Editions and Launch Date

Here’s my favourite Borderlands 2 images for wallpapers, guns, characters, Gaige, Salvador. . . etc.

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Broderlands 2’s launch date of 18th September 2012 is just three weeks away and naturally, we’re naturally pretty damn excited. Here’s the complete lowdown of absolutely everything you need to know about Borderlands 2, including: Borderlands 2 characterslaunch dateweapons and more

Borderlands 2 Weapons

borderlands 2 weapons gameplay screenshoy

Borderlands 2 weapons have a level that determines their stats. The more you advance your level, the better, higher level weapons you’ll get. Dropped and looted weapons are always random in appearance, quality and stats.  Special weapons are given to players after completing quests and legendary weapons.


Borderlands 2 weapons stats include:

Reload Speed
Firing Speed
Magazine SizeZooming Power (if scoped)

Stability (scoped weapons)

Equipment, weapons and loot are colour coded:

White – average or common.
Green – slightly less common.
Blue – uncommon.
Purple – rare.
Orange/Gold – legendary.
Unique weapons that are given as quest rewards can never be white, legendary weapons can only be orange/gold.

Weapons have abilities like increased damage or firing speed and so on. They also have elemental modifiers –acid, shock, fire.  ..  and a new elemental is slag, which is a green goo that covers the enemy causing damage.

Borderlands 2 Weapons include:  shotguns, semi automatic pistols and revolvers, combat rifles, machine-guns, rocket launchers, SMGs, and sniper rifles. Zero has a sword.





Borderlands 2 Character Classes

The Commando

A lot like Roland, the Soldier from Borderlands, Axton can deploy a turret that will rain a hail of bullets upon his enemies. Axton’s signature skill, Deploy Turret is similar to Roland’s, but with additional customisation.


The Assassin

Much like Mordecai from Borderlands. Zer0’s unique skill is Deception, which makes him invisible, dealing increased damage while using a holographic projection of himself as a decoy. Zer0 favors the sniper rifle. Zer0 also has a dedicated Sw0rd for melee attacks.


The Gunzerker

The Gunzerker is a berzerker that uses guns. Salvador has an active skill that allows him to dual wield any two guns in the game. The poor guy is very short; a result of using steroids (let that be a lesson, kids!)


The Siren

Like Lilith from Borderlands. Maya has an ability called ‘phaselock’, as well as skills that allow her to drain health from enemies, revive allies, increase bullet speed and damage, and reflect enemy bullets.



The Mechromancer

Gaige will be available via DLC. Those who pre-order the game will receive the DLC for free


More Borderlands 2 Characters

Handsome Jack

The main antagonist of Borderlands 2 who Salvador, Axton, Zero and Maya team up to kill.

Marcus Kincaid

Back from the original Borderlands, Marcus Kincaid is human, Caucasian, with brown, graying hair, around 50 years of age.  The only thing Marcus Kincaid cares about is bringing weapons into Pandora, and supplying everyone with them.


CL4P-TP is a robot model designed for various tasks and purposes.


Borderlands 2 Editions


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