Brain Training Games + Self Improvement Games’s continually growing list of the very best brain training games and self improvement games on the internet will have your brain in tip top condition in no time. Only the very best games in different categories get added to this list, meaning you no longer have to play through so many bad games just to find a few good ones. All games on this page have been playtested to ensure they are top quality. The lists include both free-to-play online games and mainstream commercially released games for those wanting to get into a game that will last longer.  If there’s a game you think we should add, please use the contact for to let us know about it. Thanks and happy gaming / brain training.


Relaxing Games:

 Check out and play’s picks of the best free relaxing games online. 

OR Read our review of The following Relaxing mainstream games:

    Xenoblade Chronicles            Kid Icarus Uprising









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