Browser Game of the Moment: Tri

One of the fifty new titles approved through the Steam Greenlight program, Tri is the creation of developer Rat King Entertainment. Much like many of the best indie games of the past few years, Tri was the result of a Game Jam—there’s just something about putting a group of game developers together and forcing them to focus solely on game development for 48 hours that results in bloody fantastic games.

Tri was created in the 2011 Ludum Dare 20 game jam, in case you needed to know the precise detailed. Perhaps surprisingly, Tri didn’t actually win any awards at that game jam. But we’re about to go some way towards correcting that issue as we’re about to award it with the Gameplayersreview recommendation, which is worth nothing, but surely is at least a nice nod.

Rat King Entertainment weren’t put off by the lack of awards. And really, why would they be? They’re already the king of rats; what more do they need?

But I digress. . .

Tri is a shooter in which you use a tri force field gun to build triangles that can be used to solve puzzles and help you progress through the game’s five levels. But if the idea of puzzles in involving triangles is giving you nightmare about trigonometry exams, don’t worry, it’s actually an extremely pleasurable experience. Tri does a great job of gradually introducing players to new scenarios, meaning that, even as the game becomes very difficult, you won’t feel frustrated.

You can discover more about triangles and their usage in shooters by heading over to Rat King Entertainment’s website, which we strongly advise you to do as this game is flipping fantastic. Honestly; who knew triangles could be so much fun?


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