Civilization Games Like Evony 2: The Best TBS Games Ever

Covering the best games like Civilization and Games like Evony

Evony: A Medievil Turn Baed Stratey Game A’la Civilization

Evony, which original had the slightly cheesy sounding name “Civony” is a Flash based online multiplayer game that’s like Civilization in a lot of ways (both in gameplay and in graphics).

Evony is based on medievil time. As you might expect from a Turn Based Strategy game, you take control of a city, having to build it up one step at a time. You’re responsible for technological advancements, new structures, the growth of your army and other factors.

You play as a lord or lady of the city and have 7 days to build your city before outside forces begin to attack.  This gives you enough free time to get your city how you want it before you have to defend it.

As with all games like Evony, the key to your success in the game is the development and use of resources, including lumber, gold, iron and other valuable resources. You’ll also need to build up your city’s population and construct new buildings.

By using Evony money you can buy new items and vehicles to help defend your city. ┬áNot suprisingly for a game like Evony, you can use real money to buy game money (though in my mind that’s never a profitable transaction).

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