WHAT?! ITS CLOBBERING TIME — Communication WWE Style

The WWE’s Guide to Communication

So you want to communicate with someone, but you don’t want to do it regular style, you want to talk using only one liners from WWE superstars. Let’s face it, that’s a much more fun way of talking. So, how the heck do you talk to someone using only lines from WWE superstars? Here’s our guide.



What You’re Saying                 The Line                The Superstar

You’re giving me too much sexual attention. Stop being such a ho          /      I’m just a sexy boy. I’m not your boy toy.       / HBK Shawn Michaels


So, what are you going to do now?             /    Whatcha gonna do, brother?        /   Hulk Hogan


Good night. Pleasant dreams                /    Rest in peace           / The Undertaker

Yes       /     Yes / Daniel Bryan

I disagree with you         /    It doesn’t matter what you think!   /  The Rock

I think you’re overstepping your boundaries    /    Know your role and shut your moth    / The Rock

I’m up for your challenge       /  Just bring it        / The Rock

I feel pretty good about myself  /   IM THE BEST IN THE WORLD!  / CM PUNK



Oh man do I rock    /   I’m the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be   /  Bret Hart

I’m not listening     /   WHAT?    /   Stone Cold Steve Austin

I’m certain and not changing my mind   /  That’s the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so  /  Stone Cold Steve Austin

I’m getting my way if you like it or not   /   We can do this the easy way or the hard way   /  Bruno Sanmartino

Hurrah!      /   Wooooooooo      /   Ric Flair

Honestly      /   It’s true!    /  Kurt Angle

How can you question me?! Do you know who I am?!   /   I won an Olympic gold medal with a broken freaking neck!   / Kurt Angle

I’m the pimp daddy!    /   I am the iotola of rock and rolla  /  Chris Jericho

It’s all about me!   / Welcome to RAW is Jericho!   / Chris Jericho

Chew on that!   /  Suck it!   /  HHH and HBK Shawn Michaels

I’m the man /  I am the game /  HHH

I’m one step ahead of you   /   “Just when you think you know the answers, I change the questions.”   /   Rowdy Roddy Piper

We do whatever we want!      /  We lie we cheat we steal   / Eddie Guerrero

I’m too good for you   /   You can’t see me!   / John Cena

I’m so happy to be here!   Here I am, right here in (name of place)  /  Mick Foley

Have a nice day   /   Have a nice day    /   Mick Foley

uh-oh you pissed me off   /  Here comes the pain  / Brock Lesnar

Damn that’s tasty / good / fine      /   Ooh Yeah!  / Macho Man Randy Savage

Are you serious ?  /  Are you serious bro?  / Zack Ryder

Oh, really?   /   Really   / The Mizz

It’s your turn  /   You’re next!   / Bill Goldberg

Imma ruin you   /   “After I get through with him, he’ll be back driving a garbage truck where he belongs.”   /  Buddy Rogers

I’m 100% certain  / You can take it to the bank   / Vince McMahon

Go cry to mommy!    / Somebody call him momma!  /  Brodus Clay






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