Closure PSN PC Review

Closure has gone from being a free-release web-based flash game to a full release PSN game and whilst it’s maintained its quality it has to be asked: is it really worth paying for something that used to be free?

Yes. Here;s why. It will develop your creativity and train your brain through its awesome puzzles. What’s more, it’s unique style and feel will even flex your artistic muscles. check the of Closure for PSN and PC below.


Closure for PSN & PC Review

Gameplay takes a unique form in Closure. At any one time, part of the game world is visible, the rest is covered in darkness. Only the illuminated part of the game world physically exists, meaning that if a platform goes from being illuminated to dark it will no longer have its physical property, so if it goes to dark whilst you’re standing on it oopsie, you’re dead! In order to navigate the world you must carry lights to illuminate platforms to continue on your journey. This allows for some extremely creative gameplay, such as when light shafts become elevators as the light bubbles upwards, carrying you with it. The gameplay does begin to feel repetitive but there are also some fantastic puzzles that will really have you scratching at your brain (and that also makes this a good brain training game). There’s also a lot of encouragement to explore the game world to find unique art pieces.

Closure is not a particularly long game, however, for perfectionists there is reason enough to play it through again in order to explore every nook and cranny.

All in all, Closure for PSN is a great game that will develop your creativity and train your brain through its awesome puzzles and will also give your artistic side a spark of inspiration thanks to its unique style and feel.

Overall: 8.3 / 10

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