Could Call of Duty Ghost on XBOX ONE Do Anything More For Video Game Design?

Call of Duty Ghost on XBOX ONE Redefines Video Game Design

Over the past few years, Call of Duty has come under attack from many critics and gamers stating that the series hasn’t developed its video game design enough. That’s all about to change with Call of duty Ghosts for XBOX One.

Call of Duty Ghosts for XBOX One does more for the future of video game design than arguably any other next gen title to have been revealed so far.

Humanity. That’s what’s Call of Duty Ghosts is all about. It’s not just about the survival of our way of humanity, as our country comes under severe attack. More importantly, it’s about the emotional side of humanity.   [/wpcol_3fifth_end]

Call of Duty Ghosts for XBOX One aims to create emotional realism. We’re promised characters that we genuinely care about. Naturally, that means we’re going to be getting much more into the story and drama than ever before. We’re more likely to care about the development of the plot in campaign mode and to be more attached to the characters.

And it’s not just human characters but a dog too. Animals have that unique capability to bring out the best in people. To most people, animals bring about compassion. We care about animals, and particularly man’s best friend, dogs.

The dog in Call of Duty Ghosts is currently unnamed. But what we do know is that the dog is a central character and has motion captured to create ultra realism.

Call of Duty Ghosts takes the best of COD and adds humanity, emotion and compassion. As any good screenwriting course or school for video game design will tell you, if you can access a gamer’s emotions you create a much more immersive experience.

And speaking of immersive, Call of Duty Ghost’s multiplayer even features dynamic environments, truly brining to life the multiplayer maps.

Call of Duty Ghosts for XBOX One is about to revitalise the FPS genre and create a new chapter in video game design. And if you’re not excited about that, you’re not a gamer.


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