Cute Cartoon Animals in Tokyo Jungle

Tokyo Jungle is a crazy game packed to the brim with cute cartoon animals. In this wacky and wonderful game, you choose an animal to play as, let’s say that we’re going to choose our cute cartoon animal to be a Pomeranian.



As the Pomeranian, we enter the world of Tokyo Jungle, a post apocalyptic world in which the objective is survival. We then wage was again other cute cartoon animals like deers, bunnies and cats. By killing these animals you will gain points, level up and become more attractive to other animals. As you can tell, this game is crazy but it’s also flipping awesome.


I seriously cannot wait to jump into this game. I probably will choose the pomeranian because they are so blinking cute. And as that pomeranian I can’t wait to terorise other much bigger animals.

Speaking of bigger animals, the game actually includes dinosaurs. That means you get to fight as a pomeranian against a dinosaur. What could possibly be any better than that? Imagine how many points and how much your attraction metre will rise when you beat a blinking velociraptor. Ha!

There is no confirmed release date for Tokyo Jungle outside of Japan.  one things for certain, though. When Tokyo Jungle is finally released over here, it’l sell like hotcakes. What with the worlds current total obsession with cute animals (Facebook anyone?) Tokyo Jungle is certain to capture the heart and imagination of the western audience and will almost certainly sell bucket loads. Which is great, because they’re cute animals and they deserve to rule the world. Yay!



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