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You know exactly what you’re getting when you pick up an arcade shooter em up. You’re getting extremely fast paced action with bullets flying all over the place and things being blown up non-stop. The genre is simple; delightfully simple. It holds no qualms about creating deep experiences, it just delivers blistering action right through to the end. It’s a genre that has never really changed.

Cyberpunk 3776 is pretty much the same experience. There’s fast paced action and a feeling of nostalgia as you remember the amount of quarters you’ve tossed into the arcade cabinet playing through similar games. What Cyberpunk 3776 adds to the genre is darkness and personality.

Obviously, given the title, the game is set in a cyberpunk world where technology is on a high but where order is on a low. As is typical with cyberpunk, the world here is dystopian. We’re exposed to the nature of the game’s world through the verbose protagonist who talks to us about the hopelessness of society. The writing is reasonable, though it has a tendency to slip into melodrama from time to time.  The story is dark and sinister and matches the rest of the game.

Typical to the genre you’re free to fly around blasting the crap out of everything in your site. The screen quite quickly becomes full of enemies and it’s your job to lay siege to them. The game ramps up the difficulty and demand precision play at you navigate around enemies and bullets while shoting everything in site.

The upgrade system is also worth a mention. Given the game’s difficulty you’ll need to make smart use of your upgrades. They can help to enhance every part of your ship. As you’ll play you’ll earn points and you can upgrade various aspects of your vehicle, improving each aspect from level one to level five. You can also farm points in order to get your ship ready for the next level.

Cyberpunk 3776 becomes totally insane later on, and you’ll find your eyes glued to the screen and your fingers tapping incessantly. The bullets fly everywhere, enemies attack from all quarters and then you’ll hit an epic boss that will leave sweating. Intense and awesome

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