Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventure Reignites the Text Based Adventure

Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventure breathes new life into the text based adventure genre. Read our review of Cypher: Cryberpunk Adventure below. 


You’ve gotta to be a pretty old dude like myself to remember the text based adventure game era. It was way back yonder when graphics didn’t exist and when words and imagination were enough to entertain kids (hard to believe, isn’t it?!)

Text based adventure games died a long time ago, only a very few remnants surviving in the form of the odd indie game here and there. One such game is Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventure, a game initially released a while ago but which now sees an update to include amazing hand-drawn visuals that truly bring the adventure to life.

In a world where graphics are an absolute must in order to attract a wide market of gamers, this update makes a hell of a difference to Cypher both as a game and as a marketable product. It’s a move that brings text based adventures into the realm of graphic novels, a move which could reignite the genre, or, at the very least, leave us with one excellent exquisite example of what a text based adventure game can be.


Set in cyberpunk city NeoSushi, you return to a deal gone awry, a deal which leave a price on your head for the information you hold. You’re cast into a world of deceit, a world brought to life through an excellent story as you fight for your own survival.

Old school text adventure game players are going to LOVE Cypher, and it’s easy to see a few nebies to the genre getting excited too.

Pick up your copy of Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventure today. It won’t disappoint!


Paul Harrison

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