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DEATH (also without mask) and Reaper form
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Darksiders 2 Review


Darksiders 2, for all intents and purposes, looks like one giant Iron Maiden ripoff. The characters are grungy, the story is a wet blanket that takes itself far too seriously and the start of the opening is laborious. Yet there is something irresistible to Darksiders 2 that simply demands you to investigate its every inch. Must be the gameplay.

In Darksiders 2, you play that charming figure Horseman Death (he’s a lovely feller once you get to know him). As horseman Death, you’ll journey through a map comprised of locations from Norse mythology on a quest to clear your brother’s name (who also happens to be a great guy called War).

Darksider’s 2 is a simple yet devilishly delightful metal-themed concoction that treads familiar adventure ground, reminding us how much we love the tried and true traditions of the genre.

Darksiders 2 takes place in an open world littered with dungeons. You’ll traverse that world on foot in a manner reminiscent of Prince of Persia or by horse, a powerful steed that you may summon at will. As you journey, you’ll be rewarded with many quests and loot drops that are certain to satisfy all who hold a sense of adventure close to their hearts. You’ll have all manner of goodies lavished on you, from hidden chests to secret alcoves to blocked areas requiring a certain ability to pass. And then, of course, there are the prizes gained from slaying foes. Basically, Darksiders 2 rewards you for your every move.


The action of Darksiders 2 is highly responsive, slick and smooth. You’ll be dispatching mobs of enemies with your scythes, pistol and hammer and having a bloody good time as you do so. The enemies provide the right level of challenge, being difficult enough to demand attention but not so difficult as to become frustrating.


Darksiders 2, it must be said, is not without its flaws. The menu is something of an ordeal. It’s dauntingly expansive and slow. The realms you journey through are also less than inspired. You’ll find yourself wishing your action were taking place in more exciting arenas. Still, these points are relatively small compared to the great successes of the game.


Darksiders 2 might not be overly original, and it might not be perfect, but it is nevertheless a most welcome addition to the Adventure genre, one that you’ll be sure to savour from start to finish.

Darksiders 2 Contents

DarkSiders 2 Last Sermon Uncut, Bosses and Concept Art

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