Team Ninja's Move will make Dead or Alive 5 the Best Fighter Around

Tecmo Koei America and Team Ninja have taken huge steps towards making Dead or Alive 5 the best fighter on the market. Finally, they’ve made the major—and massively important—move to reinvent DOA 5 characters with biting realism.






Sexiness is a good thing. The Dead or Alive series has given gamers sexiness ever since its inception, or which we’re rightly thankfully. There was just one problem with the characters in DOA : they we’re more like plastic figurines than real people. And because they weren’t believable, the game’s fighting wasn’t either.

At last it seems Team Ninja have learned their lesson and are now aiming to make Dead or Alive 5 characters life like.

In the latest developer diary (below), Team Ninja discuss how the characters’ moves reflect their personality. For all intents and purposes, that’s the exact same subject as the major theme of this website: communication of character (only here on ARoleModel we discuss the character of real, everyday people).

It’s amazing, really, to think that the creation of a video game character like those of Dead or Alive 5 is near exactly the same as the expression of a real person, but nevertheless that is the case. In their redesign of DOA, Team Ninja’s animators and character artists will be looking at how a characters walk, moves and voices express their character, and that’s exactly the same for Kasumi as it is for you or I. Essentially, both are simply using body language to express a desired character.

So, here’s an interesting thought. As you watch the new developer diary below, consider how every element that goes into giving one of the DOA fighters their character—from their tone of voice to their clothing to the body language of their moves—is the exact same thing that gives a person their personality.



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