Deadpool Voice Actor Nolan North Brings Deadpool To Life

So, we already know that Deadpool is one of gaming’s best characters EVER. But naturally, in this day and age, you can’t just get by with a cool visual design for your lead character. You’ve also got to have some great voice work and a good script.

Thankfully, Deadpool’s voice actor Nolan North just so happens to be one of the best in the business.

Nolan North is a man who knows how to speak. He started off as a journalist, then became a comedian, and now does voice over work for video games.

Nolan North started his games voice acting career back in 2004 with a title you probably wont remember:Ty The Tasmanian Tiger.

He’s progressed a lot since then. He played a couple minor characters in God of War, voiced Desmond Miles in Assassin’s Creed, Nathan Drake in Uncharted and The Kraang in the new Turtles TV series.

Coming from a comedian background, Nolan North naturally knows how to have a highly animated and very expressive voice (for his style of comedy, a flexible voice is a must).

You can tell for yourself how good Nolan North’s voice over work for Deadpool is from the trailer alone. He really lifts the words off the page, bringing Deadpool to life.

Between the excellent visual design of Deadpool and Nolan North’s voice acting, you can bet your ass that Deadpool will become one of the best games characters of 2013.


Paul Harrison

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