Deadpool's Commentary on Video Game Design in the New Trailer

On the previous page we discussed how Deadpool’s character is brought to life through repetitive breaking of the fourth wall.

The sense of realism High Moon Studios created by breaking the fourth wall is heightened by their commentary on video game design and game marketing.

Here are some great Deadpool quotes that reveal High Moon Studios commentary

“Marvel hired the best editors in the world to create an expensive ass trailer for my new game. Buuuut, we took all their money and made our own trailer!”

“Quick shot of some awesome bazookas” — reference to the fact that game trailers always show breasts.

“Greatest game ever, [signed: Deadpool;s mom]” — criticism on the fact that many game trailers, desperate to make the game look good, refer to all kinds of random sites you’ve never heard of — anything that will give them a 10 / 10

This commentary is worth a lot more than just the humor. It makes the game developers themselves look like a GAMER, like one of us, as they’re looking from the same point of view we are. That then gets us on their side, which equates to good customer relations and equals sales.

Paul Harrison

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