Deity Indie-Game Review

One of the most vital parts of a video game also happens to be one of the least discussed: the sense of pacing. when leading a gamer through a game, it’s imperative to balance challenge and reward, highs and lows so as to make sure that a game is always challenging but never to the degree that it becomes downright painful. One game to have mastered this important element of game design is Deity.


Coming from Double++, a team at the Digipen Institute of Technology, Deity is a stealth / action title in which your aim is to reclaim your home. You play a dark spirit with the ability to leap from object to object, devouring the enemies you encounter by jumping on them.

The games made harder by the fact that jumping on enemies from the front harms your you where jumping on them from behind does not. There’s also the fact that if you’re spotted enemy knights will attack you with light (which is your kryptonite). What we’re left with is a new and thoroughly satisfying take on stealth gameplay.

Deity is a mighty fine title, particularly given that it’s a student-made game. It’s well worthy of a look!

Overall 4 / 5 

Paul Harrison

Paul M Harrison is an entertainment journalist, novelist, and blogger, and a specialist in the theory of storytelling. Paul Harrison can be contacted via his personal website or on Twitter or Facebook.

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