You deserve to live in a world where games are fun and PSN messages polite!

You’re trying to play a game. You believe the definition of a game is “fun,” but the guy who just messaged you calling you a “Cheating F**ING C*** WHOS MOM IS A *** ***** **** **** ***** AND ***** *******” seems to disagree. Life is hard

Your right to fun is being abused. You deserve better. You deserve to have fun playing Call of Duty, Battlefield, Street Fighter 4, League of Legends. You deserve a world free of PSN / XBOX LIVE messaging abuse.

Here’s the sort of abuse we’re dealing with. . .

Evidence that games are no longer fun

Want the video game world to grow up? We know we do. That’s why we’ve created this, the most important video game petition to have been produced ever.

EVER ! ! !
Help share the message. Together we can make games fun again!


By the way, we’ll be sending this petition to EVERYONE!  

Sign the petition to make video games fun and rage-filled PSN messages a thing of the past. We can do this TOGETHER!


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Paul Harrison

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