Detective Quest: The Crystal Slipper Review

For those who wished upon a star for a detective game set in fairytale land, Elephant Games have answered your prayers with Detective Quest :The Crystal Slipper, a magical hidden object puzzle adventure game in which you play a detective trying to help Prince Charming get the love of his life.

The mystery woman who stole Prince Charming’s heart has gone missing. Naturally, that’s a huge downer on his plan to marry her. And finding her isn’t an easy task. You’ll encounter a menagerie of magical creatures and an evil witch no your journey.

Gameplay in Detective Quest: The Crystal Slipper remains squarely in the hidden object genre bent. You choose between three difficulty levels (the difficulty determines whether there are sparkles on interactive areas and the rate at which hints appear and skip abilities recharge). When you hover the cursor over an interactive area, an object that can be picked up or a character you can talk to, the cursor changes. A jump map has been provided to make your travels easier.

There are reverse hidden object games, puzzles and mini-games scattered throughout the game that offer plenty of new playstyles to keep things fresh.  

Without a doubt, the highlight of Detective QuestL The Crystal Slipper is the gorgeous artwork. The graphics really bring the magical world of the game to life. They’re a real joy to behold. The creatures are created brilliantly too.

The story is a delight as well. It’s woven cleverly, with twists that keep you hooked. Elephant games have borrowed from several different fairytales to create a truly magical story full of unicorns, fairies and all your favourite characters.

With such beautiful artwork, simple but fun gameplay, a brilliant story and great characters, Detective Quest: The Crystal Slipper Review really is a treat. I recommend it for all hidden object game lovers, as well as fairytale fans. It’s a pure hearted joy that you will love. Play it today!

Overall: 4 out of 5 


Paul Harrison

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