Diado Games Electro Bobble Review

You have to feel for new video game developers. Making a splash in the gaming industry is no mean feat. The sheer amount of new game releases these days can make it hard for a game to even get noticed. Success for a new IP depends on its ability to craft a unique image of itself, to present something which is genuinely new. Diado Games from England has achieved precisely that with Electro Bobble.

Electro Bobble presents a unique and highly enjoyable experience

You play as Mr Bobble, a bobble of pure electricity. Mr Bobble lives a quiet life up in a thunder cloud, which would be fine if it weren’t for rain. Heading into a storm, Mr Bobble’s life is set to change, his very existence being threatened. Who wants to fall out of life in the clouds?

Not only is this threat hanging over Mr Bobble’s head, he even has to deal with Electro Meanies, who, as their name implies, are pretty darned mean. Their chief aim in life is to kill off all the bobbles.

You’ve probably noticed from this intro that Electro Bobble is a unique title. The story itself doesn’t really bear much importance to the game itself. It’s more there to create a sense of character—of which Electro Bobble provides plenty.

Electro Bobble’s gameplay is fast and great fun even if it can be a little frustrating at times. Being a Bullethell game, you expect plenty of challenge and a lot of deaths, but Electro Bobble’s addition of the ability to fall (resulting in death) means that you’ll be dying constantly.

To counter the repetitiveness that could have resulted from the constant dying, Diado Games have implemented random generation of levels and bosses, so even if you die you’ll still see a lot of different content while you do it.

One thing that’s for certain is that everytime you die it will be your own fault, rather than the fault of dodgy controls. The control system is solid,  allowing you to aim using mouse and move Mr Bobble using the keyboard.  It works perfectly.

Electro Bobble’s also packs a heck of a lot of challenge, with tons of Meanies and bosses too. It’s clear to see that Diado Games have put plenty of thought into the design of the bosses. There’s a lot of variety between boss fights  and each presents a genuine challenge.

If the difficulty level seems high you can at least rely on your power-ups. they range from bombs to kill every meanie on screen to a safety-net platform that appears at the bottom of the screen.

Graphically speaking, Electro Bobble’s is of simple design but high quality. A glow permeated the screen, creating the sense of the electro energy. Graphics are clear and pleasant on the eye, making for a delightfully presented game.

The challenge, high quality presentation, brilliant controls and unique feel to Electro Bobble makes it a real charm of a game. Visit Diado Games for more.

OVERALL: **** out of 5

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