Different Kinds of Game Rewards

Games As Psychology Lessons 2.3: Game Rewards

  •  What type of games rewards do you like?  
  • What do those rewards say about you?
  •  How can you take the action-reward mechanic of gaming and apply it to real life

Of such importance are rewards to games that you immediately know the kind of rewards you shall be given just by knowing the genre of the game you are playing. First Person Shooters will reward you mostly with guns, RPGs mostly with items and character levelling, fighting games with online scoreboards, racing games with faster cars and more tracks, adventure games with new lands to explore and often new characters and action games of various sorts with new powers and moves.  Of course, the type of reward a player is given is determined by the demographic of the game—so it is that you can learn about yourself via your gaming tastes and via the types of rewards game developers are giving you. FPS fans love the feeling of power and destruction and so are rewarded for their efforts by the ability to blow shit up. RPG fans are often of a deeper, more introspective breed, so it’s little surprise to find they want to be drawn into stories and the lives of characters and so are rewarded by cutscenes, plot development and character levelling (because one of the key benefits of character levelling is that it makes the player feel more closely related to their character). Racing fans love the feeling of exhilaration, that “edge of your seat” feeling, so their actions bag them new cars to race in new tracks that are more dangerous, in which they are more likely to crash, hence heightening that feeling of exhilaration. Fighting game players want to compete, and so they are rewarded by being moved up or down the leaderboard. And to a degree it doesn’t matter whether the player moves up or down the board, because the effect is essentially the same : the player feels more involved in the competition.

Iconic Game Rewards

What Type of Person are You? What Rewards Do You Enjoy?

Before we have even begun to actually play the game, we are aware of the purpose to our actions, how those actions shall be carried out and the manner in which we shall be rewarded for our efforts. The next step is for the developer to create an itinerary of rewards that the player actually wants to collect (so as to provide enough motivation to see the gamer through to the end of the game) and to lay those items out in such a way as to always keep the gamer guessing as to what comes next.

Next. we’ll take a look at the Five Types of Game Rewards, before zooming in on the absolute best rewards in gaming. Finally, we shall look at how to apply gaming’s kick-ass Action-Reward mechanic to real life.



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