Digipen Show Their Brilliance With Masterful Platform Title "Perspective"

Game design school students at the Digipen Institue of Technology have created a new platforming experience with their title Perspective, a game with a unique and very intriguing first person puzzle twist: the way in which you look at the world influences how you can move.

Perspective is a delightfully intelligent game that will have you joyfully wracking your brains as you try to move a blue guy to the exit by controlling your perspective. The creativity and ingenuinty of Perspective makes it a powerful trump card on the resumes of all the students who worked on it.

The movement in Perspective takes two forms, which in interchangeable by simply clicking the mouse. The first mode has you using [WASD] to move your little blue guy around the level. The levels contain two types of platforms, safe ones (blue) and hazardous ones (red), and moving outside the frame is dangerous too.

The second mode is in first person perspective. Again, you walk around using [WASD] in order to get yourself into a good position to switch back to the first mode. By alternating from one mode to another you are able to navigate the environment safely and successfully.

The gameplay is designed to get you think with perspective. It makes for a truly great (and unique) puzzle experience. The rooms are designed so as to make you solve their puzzle in a certain manner. This makes you consider the room design and create a deep immersion to the gamelpay.

There’s a sense of story create from the game despite the very minimal amount of text. This makes for a nice addition, though it’s really more of a bonus than an integral part of the game.

The work done by the students at Digipen serves the institute well. It’s clear from this game alone that the institute is of the highest quality, making Digipen a recommendation for game students just as Perspective is a recommendation for gamers.

Paul Harrison

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