Dishonored The Knife of Dunwall To Develop Daud's Character

Bethesda have announced a new Dishonored The Knife of Dunwall DLC. The DLC will features an expansive story as players resume the role of assassin Daud, who killed the Empress in the beginning of the main campaign.

Filling in another important chapter of the Dishonored story, The Knife of Dunwall’s story will develop dependent on player-actions. As Daud, players will make important character developing decisions that will either lead Daud to darkness or see him redeeming himself of prior actions.

The DLC is packed full of new weapons and new areas to explore. It will be released alongside the other DLC, The Brigmore Witches, on 16th Aprul and will cost 800 Microsoft Points or £7.99 for PC and PS3.

Images of Dishonored The Knife of Dunwall  DLC

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