Dishonored Wins Best Game BAFTA Over Journey

Given that Journey won five different awards at the BAFTA video game awards, you might have expected it to pick up the Best Game award as well. After all, how can a game win practically everything unless it’s the best game?!

Instead, however, Dishonored would pick up the night’s most prestigious award.

Dishonored and Arkane Studio’s Creativity is What Won The Award

Whether or not Dishonored deserved to win best game is very much up for debate. With a good but not perfect Metacritic score of 89, Dishonored wowed some reviewers but failed to impress others.

PSM3 Magazine were among the games biggest surporters, stating that adventure games as epic as Dishonored only arrive “once in a generation.” On the other hand, Playstation Official Magazine only award Dishonored 80 out of 100, saying “The first-person hand-to-hand combat feels a bit awkward,” while GamesBeat awarded 86 out of 100, saying “The impressive depth, range, and balance earn this one an easy recommendation despite a few hiccups and one dreary, excessively long level.”

Clearly, Dishonored is far from a perfect game. That said, the BAFTAs love originality and creativity. Dishonored took hold of the Action / Adventure genre and ran with it. While not everything Arkane Studios did was amazing, they dared to reinvent. In a world where originality is as rare as gold, Arkane Studios deserve acclaim for daring to be creative.

Paul Harrison

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