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Disney Epic Mickey The Power of Two is set in the Wasteland—where Disney’s lost ideas ended up—and will start the player off by putting them in places they only saw in the cutscenes from the first Epic Mickey. All other areas in Epic Mickey 2 will be new.


One issue with the first Epic Mickey was the terrible camera. Camera control in Epic Mickey 2 is now automatic, but the player can move the camera using the control pad.



One of the best parts of the first Epic Mickey were the 2D side-scrolling areas. These remain with Disney Epic Mickey 2 but is changed somewhat. The 2D areas in Epic Mickey 2 will take players through lands filled with Disney memorabilia and will allow players to use their special skills, making the areas much more interactive this time around.


The biggest addition to Epic Mickey 2 is the inclusion of musicals (yay). Not only does the music change based on how players play the game, but musical songs which actually reveal important plot-points.


Epic Mickey looks like being a heck of a lot of fun. Expect to hear more after E3.







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