Disney Infinity Will Help Teach Children Creativity and Social Skills

There’s likely no more nobler endeavour that a video game designer, studio or publisher can make than to aim to help teach children through games. The majority of the time, however, attempts to do so fail. The vast majority of games that educate kids are so lacking in the fun department that children simply don’t want to play them. Clearly, that’s not going to be the case with Disney Interactive’s Disney Infinity.

Disney Infinity is a game from Disney Interactive that follows in the footsteps of Toy Story 3: The Video Game. What made Toy Story 3 so enjoyable was its Toy Box mode, a mode which allowed players to play as toy Story 3’s characters Woody, Buzz or Jessie and play in an open world toy box, being assigned missions by various characters and unlocking toys and other assorted goodies.

Toy Box was a truly excellent gaming experience. That’s why Disney have now decided to expand on the Toy Story 3 game by making Disney Infinity, a game squarely focused on the Toy Box mode.

If you’re a gamer yourself, you probably already realise why Disney Infinity is so exciting a prospect, but if you’re a parent you may require a little more convincing. Thankfully, this isn’t just a game. Disney Infinity, from what has so far been shown, will be a great means of teaching children to use their creative brain and also to develop social skills.

Let’s start by getting to grips with how Disney Infinity works. It’s a new system from Disney in which you have special figures of Disney characters that you put on a base, you then play as those characters in the game.

More interestingly, in Disney Infinity you get to build the game world in any way you like. You can build race tracks and buildings, you can build your world however you like. Having built the world, you then share it with friends online who can download and play on the world you created themselves.

Even better still, you get to play through the worlds of all your favourite Disney characters. You can play as characters from Pirates of the Caribbean, Toy Story, The Incredibles, MonstersUniversity and more. Each of these characters have their own unique world which players can build. So, for instance, in Pirates of the Carribean players will be able to build pirate ships.

So, why is Disney infinity such a good game for kids?


Simple, Disney infinity teaches kids to use their imagination and their creative brain in order to build up the different worlds that the Disney characters inhabit.

Not only this, but having used their creative brains and imaginations to build the world, kids then get to share their creations online with the rest of the world, encouraging their social skills

Disney Infinity looks like it might become a very good game for kids. It’s coming out on June 18th so stay tuned!

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