Truly, DOTA2 / SFV Situation Is An Absolute Bloody Nightmare


Honestly, just consider this for one moment. Imagine you’ve spent thousands of hours of your life training to become a professional esports player. You’ve put your heart and soul into it. And you’ve gotten good. So good that you are invited to take part in the finals of your respective game.

You’re hype as all hell. Finally, after years of training, you get the opportunity to play your game in front of tens or hundreds of thousands of people, and you get the opportunity to compete to be the absolute number one player in the world.

That’s the reality that recently happened to Street Fighter V players Mistero and Tse444. They both spent the past year travelling to Street Fighter V tournaments around the world in order to compete. And we, the FGC, absolutely love them for that.

Mistero and Tse44 aren’t your regular Daigo and Infiltration. They weren’t guaranteed players that we knew were going to be at the Capcom Cup Finals this weekend. They fought long and hard to claim their place in the Capcom Cup Finals.

And then nightmare struck. Both Mitero and Tse444 were not able to get their Visa on time in order to enter the United States. No Visa, no entry. Dreams dashed in a heartbeat.

The same fate befell DOTA 2 player Execration. He, similarly, was unable to secure a Visa.

Execration’s manager, Arvin Risos, posted to Facebook this morning explaining the current situation. He tells us:

Execration is applying for P1 visa. We already have our interview and our passport is in US embassy waiting for petition to be approved. Petition is between valve and USCIS, once valve presented all the required documents, then USCIS will approved the petition and we will be given visa. No one is denied of their visa, its just valve did not finished the petition in time for reasons we dont know, so US embassy cannot grant us visa until all documents is presented by valve to USCIS. We will still get the Visa but not in time for groupstage.

This Facebook post led the DOTA 2 sub-Reddit to explode. And the community is cleaved in two down the middle. Many believe that Valve have done Execration wrong here. Others see it as a sad situation that Valve tried to fix but were unable to.


The end result in both these cases is the same. New players will step in to take Mistero, Tse444 and Execration’s places. K-brad and Yukodon will now compete at the Capcom Cup Finals, and Valve will find a replacement for Execration at the group stage.

It’s clear that game developers and tournament organisers are placing the competition above the competitors. Neither Capcom nor Valve were willing to have potentially empty player-spots in their finals.

Do you support the decision Capcom and Valve have made? What are your thoughts regarding the players involved? Comment below.

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