Drunk Robot Pornography: Recommended on Steam

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: Drunk Robot Pornography is crazy—as though the title didn’t make that clear. It’s an arena based single-players FPS which is insanely chaotic and unrelenting. It’s going to kick your ass, and you’re going to like it, like some fetishist who can’t get enough Drunk Robot Pornography.

The basic premise of a level is simple: get X amount of points, or kill the odd robot, which actually happen to be called “Titans”—just in time for  Titanfall, I guess. The Titans are basically massive bastard robots that kick the crap out of you with lasers and bullets. You’ll need to strafe and shoot constantly, blowing off their robot body parts. You’ll also need to jump high in the sky with your jet-boots to attack from above. Oh, and if that’s not hard enough for you, you’ll have to do it all under time constraint. Oh yeah, and there are tons of smaller enemies too. . . jees, so much to deal with, give me a break; give me a power-up. There are tons of them throughout the levels. They’ll increase your power or jump and can serve as decoys.

Sounds good? Take all of that and stretch it across 52 levels and you’ll see why we’re recommending you play Dejobaan’s game like, right now. . . no, sersiouy, right now. Well, obviously click LIKE, below, first, but then get the hell out of here and go play—here’s the link to the game’s website.

Paul Harrison

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