EA in Creativity in Video Game Designw with Battlefront 3, TitanFall and Mirror’s Edge

It seems that EA are finally beginning to recognise the important of creativity in video game design with Star Wars Battlefront 3 PC, XBOX one and PS4), Titanfall (PS4 /Xbox One) and Mass Effect 4 (PS4 /Xbox One).

Star Wars Battlefront for PS4, PC and XBOX One is a new IP for EA 

EA have been accused of lacking creativity more than perhaps any other video game developer. For the past few years EA have survived off of franchises and DLC and their PR has suffered as a result. Now, Patrick Suderland is stating that EA are making a massive effort to increase the creativity of their video game design.

EA has six to eight new IPs currently in development and Sunderland has stated that “when we stop making new IP we go on life support.”

Suderland has said that EA is not adverse to innovation in game design—for which EA have previously been criticised.

So, what new games can we look forward to from EA? Mirror’s Edge is one game that offers innovation. Though not a new IP, EA have promised that the game is very unique and that this sequel will be very different to the original. Star Wars Battlefront is also in development, and though it isn’t a new IP it is new to EA.

EA promise creative video game design for Mirror’s Edge on PS4 and XBOX One


In terms of completely new games, EA claims to have six to eight new Intelectual Properties in development.  Suderland says “We are incubating new idea and pushing creative boundaries .”

Titanfall is a new IP coming to PS4

Whether or not these new IPs truly innovate game design remains to be seen. What is important, however, is the fact that EA recognise the important in creativity. Too many game developers and publishers have relied on factory-line franchise clones for years, with gamers getting lick bang for their buck. Hopefully this will be turned around and we will see genuinely new gaming experiences on the XBOX One and PS4. Only time will tell if the promise of creativity and innovation will be honored, but things look promising.

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