EA's Sim City Fiasco — Can't Get Online? You MUST Get Online! NOW!

The much anticipated release of EA’s Sim City has become a disaster. It’s not often Amazon have to suspend sales of a major games release, but so staggering was the volume of negative criticism that Sim City has garnered that they had no choice. So bad was the digital version of Sim City that it scored a miserable one star in its Amazon reviews.

Sim City wants you online to experience all those great features no longer available

This was the latest in a long line of failures that has included EA disabling  many of the game’s features and delaying  release by 24 hours in Europe

Official reviews of the game have been largely positive. Sadly, EA made a critical error when they decided to force players to be connected to their Sim City servers online to be able to play—whether they wanted to play multiplayer or by themselves.

The decision is itself is painfully offensive. EA are punishing their players by forcing them to be online. And it’s not helped by the fact that EA’s servers can’t handle the load.. In response to this almighty cock-up, EA have said they’ll be brining in new servers, switching the leaderboard and achievements off and adding  region filters.

Naturally, this doesn’t help the PR of a company who are already largely despised for their corporate greed in included hundred of dollars worth of DLC in numerous games.

EA representatives claim that the reason for insuring players are online is to “make Sim City even more fun through leaderboards and through the creation of global and local challenges for players.” Just a shame then, that most of those features are now being closed down, and still players are demanded to be on EA’s servers.

So, players need to be online to access new features, but those new features have now been taken down anyway. Huh. And we still need to be online. . . ? O. . . kay.

Clearly, EA are not interested in having players on their servers to make their experience more enjoyable. This is simple, straight-up corporate greed.


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